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Lean into the Light!

Writer/artist/composer/singer/I don't really know what I am anymore. I enjoy castles, music boxes, and military dress hats.

Here I post the things I make and reblog things that catch my attention. The primary subject matter appears to be Pandora Hearts.

You can check out my art and music via the links on the left, or check out the taglist to see what I reblog.

It’s the dawn of the seventeenth century, and England has some catching up to do. The other powers of Europe had a head-start in the hunt for riches, but now that the religious turmoil in his country has calmed, he sets his sights on the ocean, desperate to prove he is a force to be reckoned with. He finds himself in the New World, praying this is the beginning of something significant, yearning to become the greatest empire the world will ever know. It is then that he encounters the small, wild child that will forever change the face of the world. He doesn’t know it then, but he crouches down and beckons gently, hoping the child will take his hand.

(Art by me (sammysavi) I’m so proud of my clouds =B Also I printed the stupid DA site on the art because I haven’t posted it anywhere else yet, and I don’t want it to get stolen or anything.)

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