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Lean into the Light!

Writer/artist/composer/singer/I don't really know what I am anymore. I enjoy castles, music boxes, and military dress hats.

Here I post the things I make and reblog things that catch my attention. The primary subject matter appears to be Pandora Hearts.

You can check out my art and music via the links on the left, or check out the taglist to see what I reblog.


Without doubt, my favorite piece from the Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2



All soldiers know the tales. All have heard the deadly legends. There are countless whispers between sailors and pirates alike of the alluring, yet deadly sirens that haunt ships on foggy days and seduce men to their watery graves.

Jack Vessalius has become another man known through the tale. The siren known as Lacie sung her sweet song to the man aboard his ship that hazy night at sea. His heart was captured by her beauty and song. But like all the tales before… it ended with his demise. 

Prompt 5 for ph-fanfest
My Jolly Sailor Bold (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)

+22 Points for Team Jury!

Prompt 4


Title: A Desperate Inquiry 
Characters: Oz Vessalius, Gilbert Nightray
Word Count: 860
B-Rabbit’s Lost and Found (Serious Inquiries Only): Carefully finding what you carelessly misplaced since 1873. [AU]

+4 points for Team Jury

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ahhhh really?! that would be amazing I’d love to hear that!! I’m excited you like it! 8D



ph-fanfest Prompt 2: Person A is sick for a day, and Person B has to nurse them back to health

Oswald sometimes has bad dreams about a girl he used to know…

+20 points for Team Jury


Prompt 4

What if Jack and Lacie were granted reincarnation?

(1940s AU where they meet for the first time, and feel like it might not really be the first time)

+12 points for Team Jury


No matter where I sleep
You are haunting me



We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

Reim’s eulogy

Pandora Hearts Commemorative Fanbook Poll/Survey Information Masterpost!


Let’s start the special, urgent planning of Pandora Hearts’ Commemorative Fanbook, which goes on sale this winter!!



A. Oz Vessalius - “Hey, everyone smile!” B. Alice – A meat loving girl! C. Gilbert Nightray - “OZ!!”

D. Xerxes Break (Kevin) – Pandora’s strongest [fighter]. E. Sharon Rainsworth – A genuine lady <3

F. Reim Lunettes – Middle management = he is the strongest G. Rufus Barma - “I want to be the Best Combination along with Sheryl!!!!”

H. Sheryl Rainsworth - “Oh dear! <3 How embarrassing.” I. Ada Vessalius - “This is my true appearance” <3

J. Oscar Vessalius – A mature, honorable man!! K. Vincent Nightray - “My brother and I make the best combination, right.”

L. Echo – “Saying this probably…won’t even really matter….But, Echo thinks, Master Oz’s smile, more than anyone’s, is definitely…”

M. Noise – “In the end, everyone will be my echo.” N. Elliot Nightray – “My favorite flower is Statice.” (Cat: SFX: peroperopero -rub, rub, rub- Elliot: “Haha, what are you doing, you!”

O. Leo (Glen Baskerville) – Two charms, two faces. P. Jack Vessalius – Foul play? I appeal with the utmost beauty.

Q. Oswald (Glen Baskerville) - “………” R. Lacie – “Will you give my song a listen?”

S. Levi (Glen Baskerville) – The face of a novelist. T. The Will of the Abyss - “I want this feeling to reach you.”

U. Cheshire Cat – Complete resurrection!!! V. Lotty – “Boys!” <3 W. Lily – “Bloomers Identity!”

X. Dug – Surprisingly, he can move! Y. Fang – The Baskervilles’ number one gentleman.

Z. Isla Yura - “You weren’t going to forget about little ol’ me, right?” *Others: If you pick this one I will be happy.


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Cause we are broken
What must we do to restore
Our innocence?

And oh, the promise we adored?
Give us life again
'Cause we just wanna be whole

We Are Broken, Paramore

Pandora Hearts GIF-set part 1/4

Retrace 96 - English Translation - Part One


Retrace 96 - English Translation - Part One

It’s only five pages long, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway! The RAW scans can be found here (note though, those scans are not the full chapter). Also I want to give a shout-out to hebigami, whose summary post solved my issue of being unable to make out the Kanji on one of the pages. So, a big THANK YOU! <3

Anyway, I won’t be getting any more translating done tonight, but will be waiting for my G-Fantasy to come in tomorrow and get some translating down tomorrow evening or night (I have my language exchange, and then right after I have to head over to a meeting with other ALTs so we can plan an elementary school lesson demo for the BoE, ugh. I hate ES and anything involved with it, so I am not looking foward to this meeting or planning any stupid activities for it…I would much rather be translating PH!)

So, yeah, the translation can be found under the Read More. Enjoy~! :D

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It’s time for the second round of promoting, everyone! PH Fanfest is a contest in which there are two teams: Jury and Pandora. Team Jury submits AU-themed fanwork while Team Pandora submits canon-themed fanwork. This contest operates on a point system based on quantity—the more you do, the more points you gain for your team. 

This time around, we’ve included more categories, in addition to fanfiction and fanart: AMVs, MMVs, and edits. For more information, check out our links. We’d love to have all of you!