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Lean into the Light!

Writer/artist/composer/singer/I don't really know what I am anymore. I enjoy castles, music boxes, and military dress hats.

Here I post the things I make and reblog things that catch my attention. The primary subject matter appears to be Pandora Hearts.

You can check out my art and music via the links on the left, or check out the taglist to see what I reblog.

An Open Exhibition of Original Pandora Hearts Artwork and Autograph Session at Tokyo and Osaka Animate!



 (Elliot’s side of the notification.)

Animate has decided on a Pandora Hearts’ open exhibition of original images!!

Continuing on the coattails of the Commemorative Fanbook and 2nd Artbook of Jun Mochizuki works, this month we deliver the news of an open exhibition of original images!! And, it [is being announced] just before the deadline of the highly praised popularity poll that is currently open to voting! This is a notice to all you fans out there!!

Oz, Alice, Gil, Break, Sharon—-, traces the paths that the characters of Pandora Hearts have taken. A display of a large number of precious, genuine original pictures! This will be a special exhibition of original images where you can get a close up view of Jun Mochizuki-sensei “world” of drawing at an autograph [session], and you can share your thoughts and feelings with each other. Also, at the venue [Animate] we will be selling limited goods and replications of original artwork. Currently, Jun Mochizuki-sensei and her editorial department is working together on the contents of the exhibition, in order to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves. The entrance fee is free of charge. To all the fans out there, we look forward to seeing you!!

An open exhibition in two major cities – Tokyo and Osaka!


Dates: 2014/11/15 (Sat.) ~ 11/30 (Sun)

Location: 8th Floor of the Ikebukuro Animate (Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Ikebukuro 1- 20 -7)


Dates: 2015!! A notice with more detail will be shortly.

Location: 2nd Floor of the Osaka’s Nihonbashi’s Animate Store (Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nihonbashinishi 1 (ichi) Choume 1-3 Animate Building 12 F)

There is going to be many new goods with drawings made specifically for them by Jun Mochizuki-sensei!

Reproductions of original artwork, mug cups, a rubber strap collection, tote bags, head of the household chick manju*, and more – there will be 15 all new goods in the goods lineup. There will also be limited commodities at Tokyo and Osaka, respectively. The goods are currently under diligent production. We are looking forward to their completion!

In the next issue we will introduce the goods and commodities lineup!

(In the green speech bubble):

Here are one of the new goods, illustrations that were drawn specifically for the rubber strap collection!


*This is referring, I believe, to the either the little chick that likes to rest on top of Glen’s (Oswald’s) head or perhaps both the chick and Oswald sleeping with the chick on top of his head. Some image similar to that is going to be on a manju, or a steamed yeast bun with filling.

-Leo’s side of the announcement is just about the Commemorative Fanbook. There’s no new information on that side of the page that we don’t already know, so I am going to forgo translating it.

TRACK: Blue Rose Bloom (Charles's Theme)
ARTIST: Heroic Plights
ALBUM: Commissions


(best heard with headphones)
A commission of a theme for the character Charles from the manga Blood+ 

[I haven’t seen or read Blood+ but I was given a good description of the character and did a bit of research to come up with something I hope suits him!]

Hetalia Recapped #19



Germany trusts machines so much that he plowed his car into a bathroom by listening to the directions of a GPS.


I am bring this back for reasons.


Half Alive Without You—-  Break & Sharon {Pandora Hearts fanmix}

Even if she’d had all the time in the world, how could she ever have been prepared for him to leave her side?

// Eternal Sorrow - Two Steps From Hell // I Want You Here - Plumb // My Heart Is Broken - Evanescence // Memories - Within Temptation // My Love - Sia // Our Farewell - Within Temptation // To Where You Are - Chloe Agnew // Undying Love - Two Steps From Hell //


They really need to stop making so much cute merch it’s not good for my wallet but GIL IN WONDERLAND CHIBIS AHH
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PH Retrace 98 (Camera Pics + Detailed Summary)


As usual, some summary pics and text to tide people over for PH!  So let’s get it started- Retrace 98 aka “oh no I thought everything was gonna be ok”.



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Those peaceful autumn walks that never were…

get home from 3-hour night class, start on coursework for tomorrow morning’s class, wash my uniform for the afternoon work shift I have after that

help I’ve lost my freedom

❝ I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. ❞

- Hafiz (via loveinspireuniversally)

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